Who are we?

Theme Tailors was conceived by Forget About It.

A sole proprietorship Italian Web & Marketing Agency, mainly active in the entertainment industry, founded and managed by Paolo Tajani.

Most of the development was done internally during spare time, in a period of 6 months. Until the day Theme Tailors met GeoTheme!

GeoTheme is an awsome WordPress Theme developed by Stiofan O’Connor of Hebtech.co.uk a Scottish based Web Agency stuffed with talent!

The 2 freelancer decided soon after meeting to join forces and work together to push both Theme Tailors and GeoTheme to an higher level!

Least but not last, a special Thanks goes to Mr Vikas Sharma of webnware.com for its great support and help with some tricky functions!

You need to buy this product to receive support!

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