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GD Related Posts

With GD Related Posts you can associate a blog post to a particular listing of any type. Whether you have just places, or include carnivals, dentists or any other grouping, GD Related Posts will let you link an article to

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Whoop - WordPress Directory »

Whoop!, is the all-inclusive, standalone directory theme for WordPress, designed for GeoDirectory. Whoop designers took the best of Yelp UX and made it work better. Cleaner layout, more white space, pleasing color-coded iconography: the whole ensemble is just easier on

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AffiliateWP Integration

AffiliateWP is probably the best plugin for Affiliate Marketing available today. The integration between GeoDirectory and AffiliateWP will bring more traffic to your Directory because Affiliate Links will drastically improve your website’s SEO. More traffic will also increase your Directory's

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Buddypress Integration

The Buddypress integration addon, make GeoDirectory and Buddypress work as one application, allowing you to create an incredible Listings directory social network like Yelp or Trip Advisor. If you don’t know what Buddypress is please read more about it here

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STW Child Theme for GeoTheme

A new child theme for GeoTheme that uses the Option Framework Plugin - so you can change all fonts, colors, search bar location, header size, footer etc... The default child themes for GeoTheme require you to make changes in the

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Block spammers with a lightweight plugin and let Google servers do the job. The GD reCAPTCHA addon integrates the new Google reCAPTCHA api and allows you to add the noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA widget to any GeoDirectory form. It can be added

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Social Importer

with the Social Importer addon you can import pages and events from Facebook and listings from Yelp. Simply create API keys for both Faccebook and Yelp, enter it in the Social Importer option page and start importing. The Social Importer

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Custom Google Maps

Custom Google Maps for GeoDirectory allows you to customize the colors of all Google Maps Widgets. Look and feel can be modified using an easy interface with color pickers, self explanatory options and a map preview. This way you can

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GD Booster

GD Booster includes various of the most efficient caching, compression and minifying methods available for WordPress, customized to be 100% GeoDirectory compatible. Activate the addon and see google pagespeed and load times dramatically improve! Will reduce http requests to the

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GeoDirectory Category List

Adds a Sub-Category Widget to GeoDirectory . The widget shows a list of sub categories on a parent category page – you can show the number of listings or not. You can have the list in a 2,3, 4 or

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