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Always search everywhere or update the inbound search handler

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by tommyo, 3 years ago

I am looking for a solution to always search all cities at once (everywhere), even when your user is in a city at the moment.
I select Amsterdam. Now I want to search for places in Dublin without moving out of Amsterdam.
Places in Dublin are showing!

Alternatively a solution for me would to auto locate the user to the city searched for.
There is already a plugin for this(inbound search handler), but it isn’t maintained anymore. If anyone can update this for the latest version of geotheme. This would be oke for me as well.

Since there are more people looking for such solutions on the forums, i decided to make this a group request.


Budget $50
18 Votes
+1 7 Comments

Clone event/multiple event date option

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by Kelly, 3 years ago

For companies with a lot of similar event listings it is very time consuming having to input the same details into the add event form again and again. (I know we have the Link to Business option, but this doesn’t complete post custom fields and event description etc). We would be happy to pay for an addon which enabled user’s to add an event then ”clone” it as many times as they need, so if they have a lot of dates with the same details throughout they don’t have to submit a complete new form for each one, but simply adjust the date on the clone.

Alternatively, the ability to assign one event to multiple dates.

Budget $TBD
14 Votes
+1 1 Comments

Enhance Featured Listing

Group request for : GeoPlaces  Requested by skylordz, 3 years ago

What I am looking for is when I select a place as featured it should stick on top of the category list regardless the sort option.

Budget $10
9 Votes
+1 1 Comments

opening time

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by jena78, 3 years ago

I would like to have a plug in , where i can put opening times for resturants like

features include
ability to define holidays
weekly : start and end time

Budget $75
6 Votes
+1 2 Comments

SEO Indicator – Like smart seo or All in One SEO Pack

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by skylordz, 3 years ago

Could someone create a plugin that enables SEO for Geotheme where like in SMART SEO from themeforest. allows you to see your keyword density, add keyword title, meta tags, descriptions. and see the score of your SEO

Budget $20
6 Votes
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GeoTheme Map Marker Clustering

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by localmarketer, 3 years ago

When you have thousands of listing the map becomes overly crowded with pins. Would it be possibile to create an addon to group pins into marker clusters that with a click would shows the clustered pins?

Budget $20
4 Votes
+1 1 Comments

Instagram Happing Now widget

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by jaysalton, 3 years ago

What I need is a widget that each business or event can have on their listing, showing a live stream of Instagram images at their location. This would be good for music event or venue owners, very much like the Foursquare plugin which displays how many people are at that location.

There is a plugin called Instapress. It can Geo-locate images and display them on your blog,
this could be modified to grab the geo-location of the listing or business name whichever would work best.

Budget $20
3 Votes
+1 2 Comments

Openstreetmap for Geotheme

Group request for : GeoTheme  Requested by chrish, 3 years ago

select alternate map providers for Geotheme – osm leaflet etc

Budget $1
2 Votes
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