About Theme Tailors

Where awsome Themes and Plugins are showcased, discussed and tailored by the community.

Theme Tailors is here to bridge a gap in the market of CMS Scripts and turn 2 major problems into opportunities:

#1) Users wanting/requiring extensive customization, not having the financial means to hire top coders.

We offer the ability to submit Group Requests that other members can vote for.

If enough members show interest through voting, the mod will also become an appealing product to sell and any Coder may decide to take it on and develop the solution.

The mod will be sold through the Marketplace to all interested members for a fraction of the price it would have cost one individual.

#2) Coders not getting paid as much as they could for developing customizations.

Coders work on Mods for their clients all the time and get paid once for them.

We offer coders the opportunity to build a library of their Theme and Plugin Modifications and sell them through the marketplace and bring repeated payments for there mods. Usually there are many other users out there looking for that piece of code….

One mod could make a Tailor thousands of Dollars!

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